Dick Lehman Pottery
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In my kiln with a wood-fired pot.

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My Firing Techniques

Following, please find descriptions of my firing techniques:

wood-firedWood-fired pots endure long firings (up to 15+ days) during which large amounts of wood ash collects on the unglazed pots. When the pots reach nearly 2500° F, the ash (along with accompanying trace amounts of soluble salts and minerals which the trees had stored) combines with the clay to produce 'natural-ash-glazed' surfaces. Learn more.

saggar-firedSaggar-fired pots collect a 'carbon film' that is released when vegetation is heated under pressure, in the absence of oxygen. Paleontologists tell me that the image-making process that I have discovered is the equivalent of making "fast fossils." Learn more.

side-firedSide-fired pots are quite literally fired on their sides. Molten glaze runs and drips down to the bottom sides of pots, and are captured there in the cooling process. These glaze drips protrude out from the fronts of the pots, when they are turned upright, and appear to defy gravity. Learn more.