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8" X 12" DETAIL PHOTO, #6368: SOLD $95

For the first time, Iím offering 8Ē x 12Ē * signed and dated detail photos made from some of the most-interesting surfaces on my pots. Printed on metal, and including a hanging and mounting block on the back, a single nail/clip/hook is all you need to hang it.

Iím offering 45 of these new prints. If you are interested primarily in pots, please skip ahead 9 pages.

Over the years I've been fascinated with the little details and microcosms of beauty that occur within larger pots. Pausing to see deeply has become a treasured pastime for me....and I hope, for you.

Price includes packing, shipping and insurance to all continental US addresses. Outside US, please inquire.

Please allow ~2 weeks for delivery.

* Large enough to reveal details not visible to the human eye, but small enough that you donít need to commit an entire wall to the photo.

Firing Process: Other
Type of Work: other


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