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This mezuzahs/lidded jar measures 7 inches tall.

Fired for 100+-hours in the Notre Dame anagama in the autumn of 2015, it was placed close to the front firebox to create an "Iga" style piece (My friend, Mr. Shiho Kanzaki differentiates between pots fired in/near the coals/firebox and pots fired farther up on shelves.)

The riskiest pots in a firing, these firebox or near-proximity-firebox pots are in most danger of being stoked on, broken, moved or otherwise damaged by the firing process.

This piece had been pushed off its pot-sitters and was stuck to several other pieces at the end of the firing. I was able, with a long metal rod, to pull it loose from the other pieces and back up onto the pot sitters; a tenuous process at best at those high temperatures.

But the results warrant the risks, I believe, as these works create some of the most interesting visual effects of the entire firing.

Unrepeatable, complex, lovely....sometimes challenging our visual literacy....enabling us to see beauty in new places and things.

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Firing Process: Wood-fired
Type of Work: lidded forms (mizusashi)


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