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WALL VASE, #4545: $40

This wall vase measures 5.5 inches tall.

In traditional Japanese homes -- those built of post and beam construction -- there was usually very little furniture on which to sit vases....thus wall vases came into favor. You might find them on the main posts, or perhaps on window framing/casings. Inevitablly what was blooming outside found its way inside to be "blooming" inside as well.

My old friend, Mr. Matsuyama, cautioned me never to make wall vases that were too "loud"....so that they don't overpower the flowers themselves. "Remember," he cautioned, "the vase is for the flowers...the flowers are not for the vases."

Here's one that Mr. Matsuyama might approve of.

Firing Process: Glaze-fired
Type of Work: wall vases (kake hanaire)


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